The Growth Paradox

The ideal starting block for those who want to shift their business up a gear in a healthy way.

The Growth Paradox (ENG)

First release 2017 edition

Why Growth hurts als slows Companies down.
And what to do about it.

Edition 2 of the book only available in Dutch

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    This combination does not exist.


    Entrepeneurship is like sex before 1950 : expectations are sky-high but nobody tells you exactly what you are supposed to do. And you do not like to ask. So you pick it up as you go along. By trial and error. In a rapidly growing company, it happens so often that entrepeneurs feel that life is one big uphill struggle.

    A cram-packed schedule full of tasks you just cannot getting done, employees who are forever tugging on your sleeve, more and more work despite the extra staff you have hired, sales and marketing departments that cannot stand the sight of each other and hardly any time at all to think about the futre and where your company is heading. These are just a few of the symptoms that confront growing companies. Conversations with entrepreneurs have revealed that the vast majority believe these growing pains are inevitable. Inevitable and unique. But in fact the opposite is true, and that is the reason for this book. Matty Paquay's theory of the growth paradox starts with this observation : when a company is experiencing strong growth, it is inclined to slow itself down.

    But there is something that you can do about that - and this book will help you out. Matty explains clearly in ten chapters what the most common growing pains are and how you can tackle them. And of course he refutes complacent ideas and banishes myths. This book identifies the problems, explains their causes and offers solutions. After all, every company has the potential to be a growing company. And to keep growing.

    What is more, ten entrepreneurs talk honestly and openly about their own growth process. With no taboes.

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