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In quite a few ways, what Matty Paquay does for entrepreneurs is similar to what the sports director of a cycling team does with his cyclists during a bike race.  

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1. What we do

He guides "his" top athletes throughout the course, advising each rider based on his strengths, where to save his strengths, and where to attack. The athletic director warns of dangerous turns and monitors physical condition. 


In this analogy, the Master Praxis "The Growth Paradox" is comparable to the course reconnaissance the day before the race. In the book "De Groeiparadox," which Matty Paquay co-wrote with Bart Lodewyckx, the ten most significant stumbling blocks for a growth entrepreneur are analyzed and discussed. Each of those ten stumbling blocks every entrepreneur encounters at least once in their growth journey. Suppose things are going really well, even repeatedly. 

The Master Praxis prepares entrepreneurs for the pitfalls in their following stages of growth, just as scouting the course prepares riders for the race. To be clear, this Master Praxis does not take away the growing pains. But it makes them recognizable. And the workshop indicates how growing pains can be overcome. This Praxis causes the pain to be felt less strongly and, most importantly, to pass more quickly.

Finally, the Growth Paradox is not something that only startups should be apprehensive about. Quite the contrary, in fact. The paradox occurs at many levels. In all companies, from sole traders to publicly traded multi-nationals. So this Praxis is something the entrepreneur or CEO will reap the benefits of throughout his or her entire (business) life. 

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Benefits of the Masterpraxis Growth Paradox Workshop

Participants in the Masterpraxis Growth Paradox saw the following benefits after their participation:

  • "Only now do I understand the problems we have been struggling with for a long time and also know why they just didn't get solved."
  • Entrepreneurs learn to uncover the real bottlenecks in their organization
  • The ideal start for the next phase of growth

What can you do after the Master Praxis?

  • Understanding why your growth is slowing down just when you are growing fast.
  • Understand why one company becomes a global player, and another does not.
  • Distinguish the symptoms and actual causes of growing pains.
  • Observing where each growth pain occurs, what the symptoms are, what the real causes are, and how to resolve it effectively.
  • You develop insights into What the growth process does to you as a human being, physically and emotionally .... What it does to others.
  • You understand how your emotions affected the growth process, how it affects the growth process of the people around you ... and you engage with it more proactively.
  • You can better name the whole context, correctly translate and explain it to your management team in such a way that they can take your signal further and translate it to the organization ... in such a way that the lowest layer in the organizational chart chooses to carry out the growth process.
  • Your own transformation plan for the next 90 days

2. For whom

Target Group

  • entrepreneurs of growth companies


  • rapid growth phases
  • high-risk negotiation processes
  • organizational transformations
  • intensive product development processes
  • capital rounds
  • the transition from different growth phases

Consultants and in-house trainers do not fit this target group. 

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3. Practical 

This 6-day formula can be followed in 3 ways.

  • CEOs exclusive: entrepreneurs and CEOs from different companies follow the course together
  • As a company: CEOs follow the course together with their management team 
  • Managers exclusive: Managers from different growth companies follow the course together without their CEO. 

We provide an 'open' offer and an 'on-demand' offer. 

Open offer
The following dates are available: 


  • 20/12/2023 & 21/12/2023 (incl overnight stay)
  • 16/01/2024 & 17/01/2024 (incl overnight stay)
  • 06/02/2024
  • 27/02/2024

Location:  Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen
Price: 15.000 EUR excl. VAT/participant


  • 23/04/2024 & 24/04/2024 (incl overnight stay)
  • 14/05/2024 & 15/05/2024 (incl overnight stay)
  • 29/05/2024
  • 12/06/2024

Location:  Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen
Price: 15.000 EUR excl. VAT/participant


  • 11/09/2024 & 12/09/2024 (incl overnight stay)
  • 02/10/2024 & 03/10/2024 (incl overnight stay)
  • 17/10/2024
  • 07/11/2024

Location:  Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen
Price: 15.000 EUR excl. VAT/participant


  • 22/10/2024 & 23/10/2024 (incl overnight stay)
  • 12/11/2024 & 13/11/2024 (incl overnight stay)
  • 28/11/2024
  • 17/12/2024

Location:  Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen

Interested? Request your intake interview to see if this Master Praxis will help you move your organization to the next phase. Based on the intake, we will decide together on your participation and the focus we will put on it.

For the on-demand offer, please get in touch with me so we can discuss the practicalities together. 
The workshop will always take place at one of the following locations
    Orshof: Heymansweg 2, 3670 Neerglabbeek - Oudsbergen 
    The Heerlijckiet: Weg op Halen 2, 3450 Geetbets
    Domein Martinus: Sniederspad 133, Halle-Zoersel

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