The Growth Paradox

The ideal starting block for those who want to shift their business up a gear in a healthy way.

De Groeiparadox (NL)

Why growing businesses slows down and hurts.
And what to do about it.
The ideal starting block for those looking to shift their business up a gear.

The first edition of this book is also available in English.

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    The Growth Paradox

    Entrepreneurship is like sex before 1950: all sorts of things are expected of you, but no one tells you exactly what to do. And you don't want to ask. So you learn as you go. By trial and error. With a rapidly growing business, this happens so often that an entrepreneur gets the impression that he is doing nothing but scrambling straight.

    An overcrowded schedule that you can't get finished, employees who pull on your sleeve at all hours, more and more work while you've hired additional staff, sales and marketing that can't get along, and hardly any time to think about the future and direction of your business. These are just some of the symptoms Bart Lodewyckx experiences in the many growth companies he visits as delegated director of UNIZO Limburg. That's why he decided to write this book together with Matty Paquay, founder of Paquay & Associates. Because Matty knows the phenomenon of growing pains like no other. He describes them in his theory of the growth paradox: when a company grows strongly, it tends to slow itself down.

    However, you can do something about that, and this book helps you do so. In eleven chapters, Matty explains in clear language what the most common growing pains are and how to address them. Self-evident truths are debunked, myths punctured. This book identifies the problems, explains them and offers solutions. After all, every company has the potential to become a growth company. And to stay one.

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