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1. What we do

In most cases, getting a view of a company's products or services is relatively easy. But what exactly is the business model? What resources are needed to reach which customers? What added value is offered, and where is it created? And what are the costs involved? 

Unknown, unloved

Entrepreneurs also sometimes need an accurate picture of their company's business model. More so, experience shows that team members have been working together for years. Yet, all have a different view of the business model they are working with.

This is the first time anyone has wondered if and how that model works. Very often, that model has grown organically in the distant past. The question of whether that model can be improved is even less prevalent.

Business Model Canvas

Starting a thought exercise around one's own business model is less evident than it might first appear. After all, only some people in the company have the same outlook, terminology, and experience. As a result, many well-intentioned sessions to work on the business model with a dedicated team end in confusion and frustration. And everything stays the same.

Alexander Osterwald and Yves Pigneur developed a technique that greatly simplified the thought process around developing and testing business models. In their book Business Model Generation, one of the best-selling management books of the last decade, they present their Business Model Canvas.

Since the book was published in 2008, countless companies have started using the Business Model Canvas. Unfortunately, only sometimes with equal success. The methodology may improve and simplify the thinking process. Still, it remains a technique that requires experience and knowledge to be done well. Moreover, the business model touches on the essence of the company. The slightest mistake can have disastrous consequences.

Matty Paquay is one of only 30 certified trainers worldwide, trained by the authors of Business Model Generation themselves. He is in an excellent position to teach you the techniques of Business Model Canvas correctly.

What did you learn after this Master Class?

  • Building an understanding of how an existing business works and is organized in a structured (visual) way
    • So that you can check if all necessary elements are present or if blind spots are causing the operation not to run optimally
    • So that you can communicate your insights to a group in an obvious way
  • Experiment with insights and ideas about a future business
    • So that you can check whether all the necessary elements are present or whether there are blind spots that prevent optimum operation
    • So that you can communicate your insights to a group in an obvious way
  • To better assess the impact of changes in the environment of your business and translate them to the organization
  • Visualize the impact of strategic decisions and make them easier to understand within a management team within an organization ... in such a way that more people in the organization can independently further analyze what these changes entail
  • Test, refine, and evolve ideas and manage this process in a structured yet creative way
  • Mobilize by telling a story about a business in such a way that people better understand how it works or will work
  • Better assess the impact of small and not-so-small elements in the business model and translate them into the impact on the return of the organization
  • Make options clearer to all parties involved when making strategic decisions
  • You will have a better understanding of a portfolio of business models that you have to manage
    • How do they influence each other? How do they reinforce each other? How do they weaken each other?
    • Which ones should I optimize and how?
    • Which ones should I experiment more with and how?
  • Competitive analysis: you have the skills to look beyond the outer layer to competitors and reverse engineer their business model.

2. For whom

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • marketing managers
  • sales managers
  • finance managers
  • operations managers
  • product managers
  • hr managers
  • ... 

Anyone who needs to lead a company or organization through a transformation, tackling the building process of the company of the next phase like an architect: outlining what you are going to build, aligning everyone, being able to present/communicate what you want to develop, ... making sure everything 'hangs together' as a stable system

3. Practical

The master class is structured in 2 parts. One day is allocated for each part. In the first, it is important that everyone has a good understanding of the model and all its components. Then comes the second, equally essential part that serves to master the methodology taught. In summary, it comes down to practice, practice, and practice.

We provide an 'open' offer and an 'on-demand' offer. 

The following dates are available.

Open offer

  • Winter edition : 23/01/2024 & 24/01/2024
  • Spring edition : 07/05/2024 & 08/05/2024
  • Summer edition : 02/07/2024 & 03/07/2024 

Price: 2.000 euro/participant excl VAT incl access to online video course for 6 months (worth 1.000 euro), incl training notes, lunch

LocationOrshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen


  • If you want to organize a workshop with your management team, we can develop & arrange this on request
  • If you want to organize a workshop with a group of managers, we can develop & organize this on request

Locations: Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen or at a location suited to host this kind of training practically

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