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1. What we do

A company that grows not only gets more necessities but, more importantly, new ones. Many companies only take action once the new necessities become obvious because of the problems they cause. Working proactively prevents much (growth) pain and reinforces the next growth spurt.

New roles, new behaviors

To correctly anticipate the needs of tomorrow, you need a good view of the results, the returns, and where both will arise in your future business. Equally important is to see what roles and functions are needed to make that outcome possible. This is quite a challenge because you are not in that growth phase today.

With adapted techniques, in the Role-Output-Behavior workshop, you will learn to look at the results and returns of the future. You learn to specifically name what new roles are needed, what results are expected from each of those roles, and what behaviors are required in order to do so.

Shared insight

Equally important is that the entire management team knows and supports the resulting insights.

The workshop teaches how to make the expectations and obligations of each role clear to the entire group. This results in a commitment from everyone to the core task: "from my role, you can expect these results; I commit myself to that, for that I will show this behavior, but I need this output from others."
The workshop also teaches how to make those commitments concrete by scheduling them at predictable times, and delivered in a predictable quality ..."

Finally, for each role, it is necessary to consider where a manager is on his/her learning curve and what knowledge and skills still need to be acquired. This is then recorded in a development plan for the next 90 days.

2 types of workshop
In practice, you can choose from 2 different approaches for the workshop:

  • Open workshop
    Here, together with people from other companies, you gain new insight and learn new, practical methodologies. Go to open workshops.
  • In your company
    In this variant, we will work concretely with your management team. This process is more intensive but has the advantage that the entire thought process is tailored to your organization and that all core functions are immediately involved in the process. If you are interested, please contact us by filling in our contact form. Describe your question or point of interest that you would like to receive more information about as precisely as possible. We will contact you very soon.

Benefits of the Role Output Behaviour Master Class

Participants in the ROG workshop saw the following benefits to a large extent after their participation.

  • Everyone in the organization gets an obvious picture of what is expected of them.
  • Employees show much higher resilience.
  • The work situation becomes much more transparent, providing psychological security in a rapidly changing, complex, and turbulent new environment.

What can you do after the Master Class?

  • Design roles for the business of the future that will:
    • provide predictable output.
    • ensure predictable output that colleagues can count on as input to their positions. This brings peace and trust within the team. And so reduce stress so that the risk of burnout is lower.
    • be clear for everyone so everyone can see what is expected of their role and what can be expected of other roles.
    • create a robust and transparent basis for personal development plans, recruitment, for onboarding processes.
    • involve employees in the design process and let them focus on outputs that matter
    • allow everyone to evaluate their contribution at the end of the week
    • allow managers to be very transparent with each other about what teams and roles need from each other to make their results predictable.
  • Create your own transformation plan for the next 90 days.

2. For whom

The workshop is aimed at people who manage individuals with core functions in the company. Therefore, this workshop is beneficial for:

  • Entrepreneurs & CEOs in growth companies or companies in transformation
  • Country managers and Business Unit managers of larger companies in rapid growth or transformative
  • HR managers in these companies
  • Functional managers in these companies

This training relies very much on  interacting with the participants. It builds on employees' concrete, practical experience in the functions listed above. Therefore, this workshop is not suitable for in-house consultants or trainers.

3. Practical

This 3-day formula can be followed in 3 ways.

  • HR exclusive: Hr managers from different growth companies follow the course together
  • As a company: CEOs follow the course together with their management team 
  • Managers exclusive: Managers from different growth companies follow the course together without their CEO. 

We provide an 'open' offer and an 'on-demand' offer. 

Open offer (starting from 6 participants)

Contact us for an intake interview 

ROG Cohort 1 2024

Day 1        11/01/2024    09:00 - 17:00

                   Hoe ontstaat rendement? Hoe dragen duidelijke rollen, met duidelijke outputs hier aan bij?

                   Hoe leidt transparantie tot psychologische veiligheid? Waarom is dit belangrijk bij snelle groei en transformaties?

                   Design jouw eerste rollen.

Day 2        19/01/2024    09:00 - 17:00

                  Breng je zelf gedesignde rollen, presenteer en krijg feedback.

                   Design voor gevorderden: stem rollen op elkaar af .

                   Hoe kan je rol design integreren in talentontwikkeling?

                   Hoe kan je deze technieken gebruiken bij aanwervingen en onboarding van talent?

                   Hoe kan je medewerkers zelf laten ontdekken waar ze in hun ontwikkeling staan voor een specifieke, bestaande of nieuwe rol? 

Day 3        25/01/2024     09:00 - 17:00

                   Maak je eigen 90-dagen transformatieplan om deze technieken in jouw team of hele organisatie te introduceren..


  • Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen

Price: 5.000 EUR excl. VAT/participant with access to video content for 12 months (worth 750 EUR).

Interested? Request your intake interview to see if this workshop will help you move your organization to the next stage. Based on the intake interview, we will decide together on your participation and the focus we will put into it.


  • If you want to organize a workshop with your management team, we can develop & arrange this on request.
  • If you want to organize a workshop with a group of managers, we can develop & arrange this on request.

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