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1. What we do

On October 20, 2014, Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur released their new book. Both successful authors previously made a name for themselves with the management book of the last decade: Business Model Generation. More than 1 million copies of that book have been sold.

In their new book, the authors elaborate on one of the essential elements of that Business Model Canvas: the value proposition. They developed a methodology that helps design, test, and implement value propositions that genuinely appeal to customers.

This thinking exercise begins with effectively gathering information about customers. That information is used effectively to develop value proposition models and business models that directly address the needs of your target audience(s).

Matty Paquay was one of the pre-readers of the book Value Proposition Design and brought the global announcement of the new book to Hasselt. 

Benefits of the Value Proposition Design Master Class.

Value Proposition Design models help to teach your team a common language. And that, in turn, allows for more transparency, accuracy, and better conversations or discussions about your value propositions among employees.

What did you learn after the Master Class?

  • Put yourself in your client's shoes.
    • What does he want to achieve?
    • What obstacles does he experience?
    • What benefits does he gain from realizing this?
  • Design products and services that address the customer's needs that are important to him.
  • Coach a team through a design exercise to better understand
    • What drives customers?
    • What would be a natural fit for them to buy?
  • Disconnecting yourself from the pressure to follow hypes in the market, but setting your own reliable course that customers genuinely understand, can be executed by sales teams, understood by external sales channels, ...
  • Make presentations where others more easily absorb insights about customers and products/services, where others can retell and apply your story more easily.
  • Faster give product development projects that are on the 'right' track more attention, priority, and resources.
  • Adjust or stop off-track product development processes more quickly.
  • Based on the value map, show other managers which resources, processes, and methods the company must have to offer the value proposition effectively.

2. For whom

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business development managers
  • Product managers
  • Sales managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Account managers
  • Key account managers
  • Customer success managers
  • R&D managers
  • R&D engineers
  • General managers
  • CEOs
  • ... 

Anyone who wants to better understand customers and develop products/services that customers really want to buy and take for granted.

3. P ​ractical

We provide an 'open' offer and an 'on-demand' offer. 

Open offer
The following dates are available

  • summer edition : 09/07/2024 & 10/07/2024

Price: 2.000 euro/participant excl. VAT with access to online video course for 12 months (worth 500 EUR).

Location: Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen 


  • If you want to organize a workshop with your management team, we can develop & arrange this on request
  • If you want to organize a workshop with a group of managers, we can develop & organize this on request

Locations: Orshof: Heymansweg 2, Oudsbergen or at another location suited to host this kind of training practically 

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