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Running a company can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope and, as we all know, the key to doing that successfully is finding the right balance. But that isn’t always as easy as it seems. Certain elements such as growth can throw off your balance, but no worries: we can help. At Paquay & Associates, we attach great importance to identifying the elements that cause such imbalances. Often these imbalances occur due to changes in the environment that subsequently influence the customer, who in turn approach the company looking for answers and solutions. As a result, the company organizes itself in function of these requests and develops those needed products and services with the environmental changes in mind. This whole system keeps itself in balance. And as soon as something changes somewhere in this chain, it has an impact on the rest. Such changes can be triggered internally or externally: 

Internal: These changes have to do with the organization, the supply, the financial structure and so on. An important embodiment of internal change is the growth of the company itself. And everything else is needed to get up to speed with that change. However, this doesn’t always happen, and perhaps it’s difficult to implement that same growth everywhere at the same time. Imbalance arises. And as a result, the company workflow becomes less efficient.

External: A good example of these external changes can be found in the demand that changes amongst the target group, or the environment that changes and therefore had an impact on the customers and demand.

So,  how do you restore the balance? Well, you can leave that to us. Paquay & Associates relies on a diverse multidisciplinary team that will twist and tweak those parts that need to be adjusted, so that your company can at run full speed – and optimally – in its entirety again.

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There’s this common misconception that we’re mainly there for companies that go through a rough patch. And we are. However, most of our clients experience quite the opposite and are growing rapidly. They choose to work with us to fine-tune different aspects of their business, which enables them to accelerate their growth and become part of the fastest growing companies within their trade.

Financial analyses and business model scans? Yes please! We only want to offer you the best possible advice, which is why we carefully analyze your business at the start.

We believe that the main source of success for entrepreneurs is experience. And because of our specialization in growth companies, we can provide you with countless of entrepreneurial experiences.

Looking in from the outside? That’s what we do. And our fresh, external perspective can help you rediscover and re-examine those elements you’ve grown accustomed to.

If there’s something you deserve, it’s our undivided attention. Let us unburden you, so you can tap into your full potential. 

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We believe that being a CEO, business owner or investor of a company is much like playing sport at top-level. And that can take its toll, but we are here for you to ease that burden. The road ahead may be long and difficult, but we will make sure that you can focus and utilize your very best skills to ensure a successful future for your company.

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