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We are specialists in both economics and information technologies and we apply our full
range of talent to creating the perfect solution for each client’s needs.


A workshop? Not quite the solution for those who really want to work on your business, right? Well, for some workshops that statement certainly holds true. However, our workshops are developed with a special purpose in mind. Through our workshops we aim to create a shared understanding and vocabulary between those involved in the company. This step is essential, because along the way we will bump into certain elements or processes that no one had previously explicitly considered. This is the moment when it becomes obvious that not everyone views things in the same way. More fundamentally, these workshops also bring to light that most do not use the same language, which only creates confusion. And we’re here to eliminate that by creating a shared vocabulary and ensuring that everyone faces the same direction. Discover the workshops that are already scheduled here. You will also find a link that allows you to get more information for a workshop tailored to your company

Custom Trajectory  

If an imbalance has occurred in your business due to growth, we’ll analyze the situation and fine-tune it until it’s all smooth sailing. Often the input and insights that we gain from the workshops or exploratory meetings help us to act on and fine-tune those changes even quicker. That’s why we map out a custom trajectory that is tailored to the needs of your company. By doing so, we look at the company as a whole. At Paquay & Associates, we don’t focus on one sub-area such as HR or marketing, but we do look at the entire internal organization. Because we know from experience that this is where the impact of growth is often felt. And when we feel that there are certain aspects within your company that would benefit from some improvement, we’ll take this step by step. So where do we start? Well, there were fine-tuning will have the greatest impact.  

Attention to Change

We believe change is good. Where others believe that they can count on formulas that have been proven successful in the past, we’ll aim for another, different approach that’s closer to the future than the past.

  • We help you fine-tune your business
  • Humans are creatures of habit, so change is inherently difficult. But we’re here to guide you
  • Our methods were developed with that natural resistance in mind
  • These methods unburden the entrepreneur and the management team


At Paquay & Associates there’s no room for guess work or assumptions. We pride ourselves in our evidence-based approach that ensures the following:

  • A thorough financial analysis
  • Your position on the learning curve
  • An in depth scan of your business model

Guaranteed Follow-up 

Implementing changes, fine-tuning business and creating a shared vocabulary, all of these are only useful in the long run with the right kind of aftercare.

  • We continue to follow the company and its employees for an extended period of time
  • Together we’ll make sure that changes will be implemented correctly
  • Everything’s running smooth? Great! But we’ll still check with management every now and then

  Sounding Board

After an intensive collaboration, our specialists know the company through and through. With that knowledge, our team can act as a useful sounding board. A significant portion of our customers use the combination of our internal knowledge and our external view as a sounding board through which they can resonate their own approaches, ideas and challenges. Sometimes new imbalances emerge from this, but we’re always ready to tackle them via a new custom trajectory. But more often than not, the sounding board brings about new insights as well as show pitfalls, which helps to avoid a lot of imbalances.

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