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Master Classes & Keynotes

A new operation that needs to be implemented, daily operations that in some areas are not running as smoothly as they should, questions about product development, ... These are just some of the examples that company managers, entrepreneurs or CEOs are confronted with on a daily basis. Over the years Paquay & Associates has developed a set of workshops that help you to quickly grasp the essence of the challenge in your organization. And address it.
Those same topics and themes are also often covered in the keynotes for which founder Matty Paquay is often asked. Those keynotes often prove to be a first, approachable step to the next phase of growth in a company.


Our Master Classes

The Growth Paradox

In quite a few ways, what Matty Paquay does for entrepreneurs is similar to what the sports director of a cycling team does with his cyclists during a bike race. He guides "his" top athletes throughout the course, advising each rider based on his strengths where to save his strengths and where to attack.


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Master class 
Role Output 

A company that is growing (rapidly) does not so much need more people doing the same thing, but rather new profiles. But what are these profiles, what role do they want to fulfill, what behavior do they need to exhibit, and above all, how do you put these insights effectively into practice. That is exactly what this workshop looks at

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Master Class Business Modelling

In most cases, it is not that difficult to get a view of the products or services a company offers. But what exactly is the business model? What resources are needed to reach which customers? Build your own future-oriented business model, and learn how to get the rest of your organization on board. 

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Master Class 
Value Proposition Design

A good value proposition does not emerge naturally from a good product or a brilliant idea. A good value proposition takes work.

With the knowledge and the right tools, you can build a value proposition that works.  

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Our Keynotes

"Every change requires a 'new business': what experienced entrepreneurs can learn from fast growers!" 

VKW Limburg Privéondernemers



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"My business model, my return"

House of Finance 



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The Knowledge Festival in Breda (Dutch) 

Hear my keynote at the Knowledge Festival. During this festival, we want to share new insights, stories, practical examples, tools, and methods to develop and improve as an organization, team, and person.

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Organizing your own Keynote?

Would you like to discuss The Growth Paradox in your association or organization, or is it an excellent addition to the program of an event or symposium you are organizing yourself? Then be sure to contact us. A keynote in your own company is also worth considering. In that case, the talk can be customized, and the topics can be tailored to your organization's needs.

I would like to know more about Matty's possibilities as a keynote speaker.

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